Friday, 4 October 2013

My mum's Ipad case...

Hey there,

My mum recently bought a the New iPad 5 as the iPad which mum had been given from work was being restored to factory settings and we just needed a new one to replace that one...don't even ask. But she bought this really boring, red faux leather stand up case = BORING. I've tried to convince her that they have nicer looking ones which are just as functional as that one, she's having none of it. But why am I telling you this? As I got lost in designer, fandom, funny cases which I fell in love with as they were just so creative and functional. 
 These range from cheap to expensive and all over the world-wide web.So here are my top 10!

10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mareika tablet book. I'm not a big designer fan but when I browsed through Selfrides site under Cases and covers I fell for the Blue version. I love the Leaf Embossed look and the royal blue is classy, the black version is a shame but still looks good, but the coral was nice but not very me. If you know what I mean.It has pockets for extra pieces of paper, or whatever you might hold in there, and it's wipe clean which means goodbye tomato soup stain. It's pricey though at £85 which is a shame, but what was I expecting with designer?

9.TED BAKER Dixi Floral-Print tablet case. I saw this one and thought of my mum, I had tried to make her buy this one as it was very her. But like I said in the intro...none of it.It's a hard case which means it can take a tumble on its back, but on its front it's as protected as David Cameron in a working class pub on a Saturday night. It's pretty and cute, which isn't very me, but the print is classy and TED BAKER fans must love this. And at £39 that is a half reasonable price too.

8. Angry Birds Case - Red Bird . Who doesn't love Angry Birds? Though I got bored of the game after I got stuck on a level, I still love the look. The red wasn't my favourite bird, but when I looked to Ebay and Amazon I found hundreds of others ranging from blue, black, yellow and the pigs. Ranging from booklet cases, rubber and clip on hard backs like this one. I liked this one the most. It's pretty cheap which is a nice bonus and the wipe clean thing is brilliant for a clutz like me.

7. Inkybobboy's Vintage Dumbo Comic. THIS IS SO CUTE! I loved Dumbo as a kid, and with the vintage comic look it is so adorably cute. This is from RedBubble which sells graphic designer, artists work onto t-shirts, ipad cases(as we're seeing), mugs, stickers and posters. It's a really cool site and a lot of cases will be from here (As i love it so much!). Problem with RedBubble's clip-on-cases is that they aren't dockable, which means you have to take them off to dock. But back to this case. I love this case and reminds me of watching Dumbo as a kid, really brings the flying circus elephant back to life.

6. Verso Prologue Case. I am a sucker for anything that looks remotely vintage, obviously the notion of getting a "vintage" iPad case is impossible as they are modern but this does a good job of impersonating vintage. It has a cover to protect from scratches but a reviewer said there was no magnet to keep it shut which is a shame, but also they said it lay flat which eliminated this problem. It also has a pocket on the inside of the flap for your little bits.But for £34.95 this isn't to bad. I love this, it looks like a book...though it won't smell of book though :( 

5. Smythson Mara Collection Case. This is the most priciest of all the cases i'm showing you at £325, but it looks stunning. This is why it falls at number five. It comes in a number of colours like blue, leather brown, and orange, but I love the yellow. It's a prop-up case which means I could(though never going to happen with that price)comfortable watch movies without getting neck ache or sitting in a weird position. Like many of the others it has a pocket to fit things in. But really the whole thing I love about this case is the yellow...I don't even know why. But that price is a total deal breaker to me.

4. Grove's Bamboo Case. This case is just stunning...that is all. The bamboo used for the case is precision case and comes with all the mod-cons. The speaker holes are cut in and also the camera lens is also cut in so you don't have to take it out all the time. The case cover can either be; wool for £159 which is gorgeous, plain leather for £159 again, engraved leather in black or tan for £169, or custom for £199. So it's a bit pricey but you cannot put a price on quality. The cover has magnets for wake-up/sleep lock (which my mums current case doesn't have and really annoys me)and the flap doubles for a upright stand. I really love this case and it looks just so good. Grove hasn't started selling the ipad cases yet but they will be out fall of not long. I would put myself on the waiting list...but it's not my iPad.

3.Urban Cow's handmade leather case. I'm a sucker for leather, especially handmade leather. It's a proper roll up case, I saw it and I thought upon first site "You could put archaeological hammers and brushes in that and it would look so authentic". It has a little pockets  to slide you paper pad into and i love the little strap to shut it in. Weird obsession. Everybody seems to love Urban Cow, with a 113 positive reviews they're doing something right. And especially at that price, £50.94 I call that a leather bargain.

2. Olipop's Unseen University case. I must confess I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan, I've read over 30 of the continuing series. My favourite being Carpe Jugulam, total piss take of vampires and is so funny when you compare to the Twilight series vampires. This is an incredibly personal choice, I have recently been tempted to but a Terry Pratchett 3/4 baseball shirt with the same print. But I love it, buy my mum not being a Terry Pratchett fan might not find it as awesome.

1.Gemzi-ox Paws-Jaws case. Why? Because I think it's bloody hilarious. Yes, I have the sense of humour the same as a 10 years old  But I love this. It's a really funny parody, and who doesn't love cats? Especially kittens! This is why it's number 1 as I have a silly sense of humour and would definitely but it if this way my iPad and not my mums. I'm disappointing it isn't now. WANT NOW!!

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