Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lets explain my name...

Obscure blog titles confuse me. They don't often reflect the content of the blog, neither do they give any explanation of why the blogger has chosen to choose such a name. So I thought I would go out on a limb and explain my title.

  • "1 (also punk rock) [mass noun] a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s:punk had turned pop music and its attendant culture on its head"
This is the Oxford dictionary definition of the the term punk. To me the punk culture was different, to the definition. It was a social revolution of art, music and freedom of expression which united people together. It was a clear cut revolution. Stemming from the Hippies of the 60's this subculture made their own thoughts loud and clear and weren't afraid of the consequences. The Sex Pistols attacking the Monarchy and social conformity, Vivienne Westwood creating controversial clothing in a controversial names store "SEX" (any need to explain that one?). Politics was changing again...well it doesn't stop, but...and people weren't happy, again. Yelling about it was fine!
To me punk was a social outlet of not really giving a flying hippopotamus about how others saw you, and group of people who also felt that the norms and values of society were constricting there choices in life. So the only way they could do this was vent through fashion, music, books, and even film.

The name if my blog is simple. I want to be part of this punk subculture, but I'm 40/30 years late. It sits on its last legs unfortunately. So the title is "Trying to be Punk" for that reason. The tag line "...but not doing a very good job" refers to my lack of care about politics and joining in with the social change and actually doing a rather stunning job of conforming.

So this explains my strange title of a blog. I will try to post stuff regularly. Fashion, books, films, me out an about. Rubbish like that. I hope you enjoy me rabbling.

Beth x

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