Monday, 23 September 2013

My reading list!

Hey there my lovely but tiny readership,

I'm a A-Level English student at a sixth form in my local area and have recently taken my AS Level to receive a mix bag of results. At the start of my year 13 English course we were as a class given a reading list which we were encouraged to read for further depth of reading and knowledge of literature. The list contains of 76 different titles which I am to attempt of reading half of them by the end of my year. I so far have read 6...3 of them were read before I was actually given the list. Lucky really! But I intend to read as many as possible for personal interest and I feel I'm missing out on modern literature by reading cruddy women's romantic literature which end the right way but the wrong juxtaposed is that?!

But what has this got to do with you lovely that's what. Every time I cross a book on that list I will review it. So once every 3 worst...I will review a new book. I intend to talk about my personal feelings on the book and how I understood it and any interesting sections and discuss them here...basically I'm doing my own revision for English and reviewing books for pleasure. And sure it looks lovely on a UCAS statement if I say I read a lot of books and do online reviews...just won't give them my blog name...I know sneaky.

I will review the 3 books in short turn before I finish my current book, which isn't on the reading list but is interesting, these books will be Anthony Burgess's Clockwork Orange, Joseph Heller's Catch-22,  and Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. I hope you enjoy my reviews on this book and it is my my mission to inspire me to read more books, but also to encourage you...yes reader, read these books to. I hope you will share my enthusiasm with me.

Keep a close eye out for reviews soon,

Ta ta!

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